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The House of the Scorpion
The House of the Scorpion
by Nancy Farmer
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The House of the Scorpion Lies and Deceit Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I knew nothing about it until today," said the doctor.

"You're lying! Tell them, Willum! You thought it was funny. You said the beast - the boy - was in good condition!" (6.33-34)

Does anyone in this house ever tell the truth? Willum, the awful doctor, relies on lies just as much as everyone else does to get what he wants.

Quote #2

"You're too young to understand much, and I wouldn't say anything if you were a real boy." Tam Lin tossed bread crumbs into the pool. The little fish rose to the surface to feed. "But you're a clone," he went on. "You haven't got anyone to explain things to you." (7.45)

Tam Lin treats Matt like a human for the most part but he also acknowledges just how different Matt is. Apparently, when you're a clone, no one thinks it's important to keep you in the loop. Except for Tam Lin, of course.

Quote #3

That was Tom though. He could be courteous and helpful on the surface, but you never knew what was going on underneath. (10.37)

Tom keeps his sneaky motives secret. And honestly, sometimes we just don't want to know what awful deed he's plotting next.

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