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The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion


Nancy Farmer

María Timeline and Summary

  • María meets Matt when they are both small children.
  • She tries to help Matt when he's taken prisoner by Rosa, and she lets Celia know where Matt is and what's happening to him. Celia uses this information to free Matt.
  • María remains Matt's friend over the years.
  • She goes to school at a convent and visits Opium periodically.
  • Matt treats María badly at one of El Patrón's birthday parties, and she gets really mad.
  • María's dog Furball is killed and all evidence points to Matt as the killer.
  • When María comes to visit yet again, she forgives Matt for the Furball incident. But then María learns that Felicia actually killed Furball.
  • Matt tells María that her mother is still alive and gives her information on how to find her mom.
  • María tries to smuggle Matt out of Opium after El Patrón collapses at Steven and Emilia's wedding, but she and Matt are caught.
  • María then returns to her convent school, where she contacts and reunites with her mother.
  • Matt finally makes his way to María and they are reunited.
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