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The House of the Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion


by Nancy Farmer

The House of the Scorpion: Symbols Quiz True or False

1. The field of white poppies outside Matt’s window should be beautiful, but it’s not. What does this symbolize? -> Appearances can be deceiving
2. Why do eejits die in the field? -> They are killed by their masters
3. What skill does Matt master that makes it obvious he is more than just a clone of El Patrón? -> Being a dictator
4. Why do the people of Aztlán have to make their own plankton in a factory? -> It’s so delicious that they eat all the natural plankton way too early
5. What is the difference between El Patrón’s love of material goods and Celia’s valuing her Virgin Mary statue? -> El Patrón only values things that his family gave him