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The House of the Spirits

The House of the Spirits


by Isabel Allende

The House of the Spirits Resources


Isabel Allende's Official Website

Everything you ever wanted to know about Isabel Allende.

Pablo Neruda

A biography of Chile's greatest poet from the Nobel Foundation, which includes links to his Nobel lecture and to a picture of his Nobel diploma.

Chile 1973 Coup

The Guardian provides an interactive guide to the 1973 coup.

Movie or TV Productions

The House of the Spirits, 1993

The 1993 film version of the novel stars lots of big names, including Glenn Close, Winona Ryder, Meryl Streep, and even Antonio Banderas as the studly Pedro Tercero García.

Salvador Allende, 2006

A relatively recent independent movie about Salvador Allende's place in the history of Chile.

Historical Documents

Original NY Times Review, May 9, 1985

In which the reviewer, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, grudgingly admits that The House of the Spirits is a pretty good book.

NY Times Review, May 12, 1985

A slightly more favorable review, written by Alexander Coleman, a professor of Latin American Literature at New York University.


Bill Moyers interviews Allende.


TED Talk with Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende talks about women and feminism.


Interview with Isabel Allende
The BBC interviews Isabel Allende about The House of the Spirits (the second interview listed on this page).


Images of Chile

A slideshow of photos taken before and after the 1973 military coup in Chile. But be warned: some of these pictures may depict violence.

Movie Poster

The movie poster for the film version of The House of the Spirits, which was released in 1993.

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