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The House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street


by Sandra Cisneros

Sally Timeline and Summary

  • Sally is a beautiful girl who goes to Esperanza's school.
  • Sally's father is very strict and won't let Sally go out very often.
  • When Esperanza first describes Sally, it's a week after Sally had a fight with her best friend Cheryl. Cheryl called Sally a name and bit a hole in her arm. Sally didn't cry.
  • After school, Sally wipes off her makeup and walks home quickly with her head down.
  • Sally reveals to Esperanza that her father beats her. At school she says she fell, but no one believes her.
  • One Thursday Sally gets permission to come stay with the Cordero family. But that night her father comes to the door with red eyes and begs Sally to come home, promising not to hurt her again. Sally goes with him.
  • Despite his promise, when Sally's dad catches her talking to a boy, he beats her again and tells her she isn't his daughter.
  • Sally and Esperanza go to the monkey garden. Sally refuses to play with Esperanza, preferring to stay on the curb talking to Tito and his friends. She flirts with the boys in a way that Esperanza doesn't understand – letting them take her keys and agreeing to kiss them in order to get them back.
  • When Esperanza shows up on the scene with a brick in order to rescue Sally, Sally tells her to go away – she doesn't need rescuing.
  • Sally agrees to meet Esperanza at the carnival, but she goes off with a "big boy" and leaves Esperanza alone. When Esperanza is raped, she blames Sally for not coming to her aid, and for having lied to her about sex.
  • Even though she's not even in the eighth grade yet, Sally gets married to a marshmallow salesman and moves with him to a house. She claims to be happy, but her husband won't let her talk on the phone, look out the window, or visit with her friends. Sally is left to contemplate the smooth corners made by the walls, floor, and ceiling of her house.