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How I Got Over

How I Got Over

by Mahalia Jackson


Mahalia Jackson Official Website

The accessible, if slightly underwhelming, site maintained by the official Jackson estate.

Mahalia Jackson Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Bio

This page provides a thoughtful overview of Jackson's career. She was inducted for "Early Influence," and the page notes that gospel and spiritual music played a key role in inspiring more secular rock and R&B styles.

"Mahalia Jackson: Voice of the Civil Rights Movement" on NPR

This report from February 2010 provides a brief audio biography of Jackson.

Studs Terkel Interview by David Barsamian, 2004

This humorous interview with the Chicago radio legend includes several stories about Mahalia Jackson, a long-time friend and collaborator of Terkel's. She once saved Terkel from losing a job, and another time she got Terkel an interview with MLK, Jr.

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