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Howards End

Howards End


by E.M. Forster

Leonard Bast Timeline and Summary

  • Leonard encounters the Schlegel family at a concert. He chats with Margaret, and Helen unintentionally runs off with his umbrella.
  • Leonard follows Margaret home to fetch said umbrella, and is rather taken aback by the madness of Wickham Place. He flees.
  • Two years later, Leonard turns up once again, to explain why Jacky has visited Wickham Place. He describes his night of walking through the woods, and tries to tell the Schlegels about his desperate need to find more in life. They are fascinated.
  • Leonard is summoned to tea with Helen and Margaret, who attempt to warn him off the Porphyrion. He is insulted, has a fight with them about their attempts to meddle in his life, and storms off in a huff.
  • Leonard quits his job at the Porphyrion anyway, and finds a new one at a bank, at a lower pay rate.
  • Things go from bad to worse for the Basts; Leonard is fired from his new job and can't find another.
  • Helen "rescues" the Basts, and brings them to Evie's wedding. Everyone (including Leonard) is horrified.
  • Leonard and Helen have an intense conversation, then end up sleeping together. Helen flees in the morning.
  • Leonard feels terribly about what he's done – he resolves to find Margaret and confess everything.
  • Leonard turns up at Howards End, only to find Margaret, Charles, and Helen. Charles strikes him with a sword, and he dies of heart failure.