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Howards End

Howards End


by E.M. Forster

Mrs. Wilcox Timeline and Summary

  • Mrs. Wilcox notices that Helen and Paul are in love.
  • After the Wilcoxes move in across the street from the Schlegels, Mrs. Wilcox sends a friendly note to Margaret.
  • Margaret rebuffs this offer of friendship. Mrs. Wilcox writes back to inform her that Paul is out of the picture, and she needn't worry.
  • Margaret rushes over to apologize, and we find Mrs. Wilcox in bed for the day. We wonder if she's well.
  • Mrs. Wilcox and Margaret go Christmas shopping together.
  • Mrs. Wilcox is troubled by the idea that the Schlegels will be without a family home soon, and she keeps bringing it up while they are shopping.
  • Mrs. Wilcox invites Margaret down to Howards End on the spur of the moment. Margaret says no, and Mrs. Wilcox goes a little cold.
  • At home, Margaret changes her mind, and dashes to the train station, where she finds Mrs. Wilcox waiting for the train to Hilton.
  • Before they can embark, Evie and Mr. Wilcox show up coincidentally, and everyone goes home. The trip to Howards End is delayed.
  • Mrs. Wilcox dies and is buried in Hilton. Her last act is to change her will to give Howards End to Margaret.