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Howards End

Howards End

by E.M. Forster

Howards End Resources


Only Connect!

E.M. Forster's (unofficial) web presence, devoted to the author and his works.


Another very dedicated fansite.


A questionably German website (in English) with great commentary and bibliography resources.

Forster at the Modernism Lab

Sadly, this isn't some mad scientist's attempt to clone E.M. Forster and his modernist contemporaries. Instead, it's a useful wiki about his life and work.

Movie or TV Productions

The heavyweights…
Anthony Hopkins. Emma Thompson. Helena Bonham-Carter. Vanessa Redgrave. This 1992 film version, which is chock-full of the cream of the British acting crop, is the real deal.


Howards End on Demand

Desperately need to look up that quote? Here's the full text version on Project Gutenberg.

According to the Experts…

Here's a collection of links to articles on Forster and his works.


You've read the book. Now…movie night?
If you're interested, here's the original trailer for the 1992 film.


A bit more romantic than we'd pictured it…

Here's the rather swoony poster for the film.

We're not entirely surprised.

Judging from this book, E.M. Forster was a pretty serious guy. This picture proves our guess right.

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