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Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle


by Diana Wynne Jones

Howl's Moving Castle Chapter 15 Summary

In Which Howl Goes to a Funeral In Disguise

  • Michael comes back from Market Chipping wearing the magic cloak that makes up his red-bearded-guy disguise.
  • He has good news for Howl: he's found an empty shop that they can move the castle to, to hide from the Witch.
  • It's an empty shop in Market Chipping—a place that was once a hat shop. (Sound familiar?)
  • Howl is the most pathetic, self-pitying, impossible sick person in the world, but still he keeps coming downstairs to ask Sophie's opinion about what their new place should look like.
  • Howl leaves the house in the red-beard-disguise cloak; when he returns, he says that he has bought the shop.
  • Michael is happy as a clam: he gets to see Lettie every day.
  • Howl wants to go to Mrs. Pentstemmon's funeral, so he gives his gray-and-red (magic, attractive) suit to Sophie to clean—and she quickly cuts it into seven pieces to keep Howl from using it to enchant girls.
  • Once she finishes mending the blue suit, she realizes that it's somehow gotten tiny, so she asks Michael to use his magic to make it bigger.
  • Michael made the spell a tiny bit too strong though, and when Howl comes out of his room sometime later with the suit, it's become miles long.
  • He insists on taking the seven pieces of magic gray-and-red suit from Sophie so that he can fix them.
  • As Howl is getting ready for the funeral, the blue suit just keeps spreading across the floor, getting bigger and bigger.
  • When Howl comes out of the bathroom, he's dressed all in black with black hair.
  • But even though he looks ready for a funeral, he can't just go out with his regular face—not with the Witch of the Waste after him.
  • He transforms himself into a dog to practice his disguise.
  • Sophie asks why he made all this fuss about his suit when he's going to the funeral as a dog anyway.
  • Howl wants to show Mrs. Pentstemmon his respect, especially since she was a lady who paid attention to the details.
  • Howl sets off.

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