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Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle


by Diana Wynne Jones

Howl's Moving Castle Chapter 18 Summary

In Which the Scarecrow and Miss Angorian Reappear

  • While Howl continues his intense pursuit of Miss Angorian, Sophie, Michael, and the dog-man gather flowers to sell in their new shop.
  • The shop soon becomes super-popular since it contains flowers that no one has ever seen before.
  • Sophie starts talking to the flowers to encourage them to keep growing and to change their shapes.
  • Sophie gathers some roots from a blue rose bush that she enchanted, puts them in the ground, and they produce lots of different plants—including a plant with pointed, spotted leaves and a long stalk with a flower bud.
  • Of course it turns out that the plant is a mandrake root.
  • So now there's only one impossible thing from the Witch's curse on Howl left: the wind to advance an honest mind.
  • One morning, Sophie hears a familiar thump. Thump. Thump.
  • She knows what it is even before she looks out the window: it's the scarecrow, coming down the street in Market Chipping towards their flower shop.
  • Sophie mutters we're not here, go away… and the scarecrow hops past the flower shop without stopping.
  • Howl and Michael are both out, and Sophie and the dog-man are alone in the shop.
  • The dog-man concentrates hard to turn into his human self, and manages to for just long enough to tell Sophie that he was the red-haired guy with the Witch that day when Sophie got cursed.
  • The dog-man has also told Lettie about Sophie's condition.
  • The dog-man transforms back into a dog before he can say more.
  • Then something totally inexplicable happens: Miss Angorian comes through the door from Wales.
  • She says she's there because she believes that Howl might know something about her disappeared fiancé, Ben Sullivan.
  • Sophie is immediately suspicious of this story, but Miss Angorian shoves her way in anyway, snooping all around the house.
  • Miss Angorian sees Howl's guitar and grabs it, saying that it belongs to Ben, and Sophie tugs the guitar away from Miss Angorian, who won't let go.
  • Finally Sophie just pushes Miss Angorian back out the door to Wales.
  • Sophie is horribly grumpy. Why? Because Miss Angorian is prettier than her even when she was young.
  • As for now, Sophie is just an old woman. (Someone seems jealous—is Sophie finally admitting her obvious feelings for Howl?)

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