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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


by Mark Twain

Jim Timeline and Summary

  • Jim gets famous among the slaves when the prank played on him makes it seem that he was visited by witches
  • Jim reads Huck his fortune using the magic hairball.
  • Jim, having run away from Miss Watson, runs into Huck on Jackson’s Island. We learn that he is a suspect in Huck’s murder.
  • Jim declares that he will be rich someday, on account of his having a hairy chest.
  • Jim finds an unknown body and refuses to let Huck see it.
  • He gets bitten by a rattlesnake.
  • Jim and Huck discover three robbers on a wrecked steamboat.
  • Jim passes judgment on Solomon, the irony of which we are totally digging.
  • He is separated from Huck in the fog, and the next morning he is angry that Huck tried to trick him into thinking it was a dream. We witness an important milestone in the Huck-Jim relationship when Huck apologizes for his prank.
  • He encounters the duke and king, gets tricked into believing their titles are real, and concludes that all royalty are crappy people.
  • He dresses as an Arab to avoid detection.
  • Jim tells a touching story about smacking his daughter.
  • He and Huck try to escape from the duke and king but fail.
  • He is sold as a runaway by the king to Silas Phelps.
  • He plays the unhappy part of prisoner to satisfy the childish whims of Tom Sawyer.
  • Jim is freed by Huck and Tom, but risks his own freedom to help the doctor with Tom’s calf.
  • He is again imprisoned and generously not killed on account of saving Tom’s life.
  • Jim finds out he’s been free for two whole months, and, amazingly, he is not super, super angry, as we would have been, about this whole situation.
  • He informs Huck that his father died back at Jackson’s Island.
  • At getting paid for his time as a prisoner, Jim declares himself rich, which, of course, he chalks up to his hairy chest.