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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


by Mark Twain

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Resources


Fresh From the Press

This neat website has the original text of Huck Finn, and a bunch of illustrations and advertisements.


Don't like clicking? Here's the entire text in one flowing (and searchable!) page.

Too Many Words?

The original Huck Finn came with a lot of illustrations. Check them all out here.

Brought to You by Disney

A 1993, Disney-fied version. We're betting they leave out the n-word.

Movie or TV Productions

Once More, With Music

Huck Finn: The Musical. In 1974.

Starring Ron Howard

Check out your favorite director in a (very) early role, from 1975. Oh, it has Merle Haggard, too.


To N-Word or Not to N-Word?

Listen to some smart people debate a sanitized version.

The Disney Treatment

Here's a preview for the 1993 Disney version. It looks cute and all, but did they even read the same book we did?

Black and White and Mickey Rooney All Over

1939 does 1884. It's racist match made in… well, we'd rather not say.


Pop in Those Earbuds

… and listen to the Librivox audiobook. We'll start you off with Part 1.

Pirate Music

Nick Cave, the weirdest songwriter of the 1980s (and that's saying a lot) writes an ode to Huck Finn. Warning: contains the n-word. But, then, so does the novel.


Hipsters Weep

Someone needs to tell Twain about Movember.

Molly Had a Steamboat

... and so did the Mississippi. These ships were super important to early America. Check out this (slightly later) picture.

Huck Himself

Is this what you thought he looked like, dead rabbit and all?

Censorship, Shmensorship?

The New York Times takes on the whitewashing of a classic.


Move Over, Brad Pitt

Apparently, Mark Twain was our first superstar—at least, according to this Time Magazine article.

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