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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


by Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer Timeline and Summary

  • Tom comes and rouses Huck out of bed at the Widow’s.
  • He plays a prank on Jim along with Tom.
  • He starts Tom Sawyer’s Gang along with Huck and several other boys.
  • At Silas’s farm, Tom meets up with Huck Finn and thinks his friend is a ghost for about five minutes.
  • Tom convinces Aunt Sally that he is Sid Sawyer.
  • He concocts elaborate plans to free Jim that include snakes, rats, and other unpleasant creatures.
  • Tom writes a letter to the Phelpses before the planned escape, warning them of said planned escape.
  • He is, perhaps very rightly so, shot in the calf while helping Jim escape.
  • He returns to the farm, beaming with pride at their escape.
  • Tom informs everyone that Jim was free the whole time and gives him $40 for being such a good sport.
  • He proposes to Huck that they go on some more adventures.