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Hugh Selwyn Mauberley

Hugh Selwyn Mauberley


by Ezra Pound

Hugh Selwyn Mauberley Resources


Ezra Pound at Poets.org

For a smooth, trivia-packed account of Pound's life and his place in modern poetry, check out this site.

Pound's Modern American Poets Page

Check out some great poems and commentary comin' at you from the University of Illinois.

Great Timetable

For a clear timetable of Pound's life and some other cool links, follow us here.


Italian Interview with Ezra Pound

Finding film of Ezra ain't easy, so enjoy his grandfatherly kookiness. Just make sure to click cc to get captions.

Great Ezra Pound Documentary

That's right folks. After reading such a tough poem, just lean back and enjoy a great doc about Pound.


Pound reads "Hugh Selwyn Mauberley"

That's right. Here's the man himself reading "Mauberley." Just try not to look his picture straight in the eyes.

Part 1 of "The Trial of Ezra Pound"

This is a great piece laying out all the details of Ezra Pound's trial for treason.

Pound Reads his (In)famous Usura Canto

Pound wasn't the biggest fan of lending out money with huge interest rates (usura), and here's the poem to prove it. Just listen to the venom in that voice.


Pound, Old and Haggard

That's pretty much what you need to know. The guy didn't age well in a mental institution.

Younger, More Confident Pound

This would be closer to the guy who wrote "Mauberley."

Pound's Mugshot

Seriously, this pic was taken by authorities who caught Pound shortly after the end of WWII.

Articles & Interviews

Pound's Daughter Doesn't Want Neo-Fascists Using her Father's Name

This article appeared in the London newspaper The Guardian just last year.

Ezra Pound, Treason, Fascism, and Anti-Semitism

In addition to being found guilty of treason and supporting Italian fascism, Ezra Pound also had a few issues when it came to Jewish people.

Pound Interviewed by The Paris Review

Here you'll find some great comments from the horse's mouth, especially about his time working as a secretary for W.B. Yeats.


The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia

Yup, definitely your one-stop-shop for all things Pound, including some great criticism. And you can read it for free!

ABC of Reading (by Ezra Pound)

Yeah, Pound's principles went so deep he basically felt like he had to retrain modern people how to read in general. It's definitely worth a look if you're curious.

Ezra Pound: Poet by A. David Moody

There's nothing too moody about Moody's reading. He's pretty much spot-on when it comes to Pound.

Movies & TV

In Search of Ezra Pound (TV)

It only ran for 2 episodes, but this little series documents the life and work of Ezra Pound with some readings and dramatic scenes. No word on why imdb.com decided to stick a pic of the Looney Tunes on its main page, though…

Ezra Pound: American Odyssey

This is a solid meat-and-potatoes doc following Ezra Pound's life from childhood to death. And yeah, a couple of interesting things happened between those two times.

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