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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret


by Brian Selznick

 Table of Contents

The Invention of Hugo Cabret Characters

Meet the Cast

Hugo Cabret

This storybook kid is not exactly the perfect picture of good behavior. Hugo steals, lies, and doesn’t go to school. Also, he's not exactly dripping with friends. But despite these less than savo...


Hugo doesn’t really know what he’s getting himself into when he meets Isabelle:It was the girl from the toy booth. Hugo was about to yell to her, but she put a finger to her lips and motioned f...

Georges Méliès

Papa Georges sure seems like your typical grumpy old guy at the beginning, doesn’t he? When we first meet him, he's a French Elmer Fudd:The old man grunted and with a push he finally let go of Hu...

The Station Inspector

Yikes. For Hugo, the Station Inspector is Villain Number One. He's always looming in the back of the kid's mind as a threat to his safety and way of life—you know, the semi-homeless, clock-careta...

Hugo’s Father

Poor Hugo’s father. We only see him in memory, but he’s obviously a very kind man whom Hugo worships and misses terribly. It's Hugo’s father who imparts to his son a sense of curiosity and wo...

Mama Jeanne

We're gonna let you in on a little secret about Mama Jeanne. She, like her husband, is also based on a real person—Jeanne d'Alcy, who was a famous French film actress and star of many of her husb...


Despite the fact that he's sporting an eye patch, this guy's not a pirate or an ironic hipster. In fact, he’s just a normal film student who loves the same things that Isabelle and Hugo do—movi...

Rene Tabard

Rene Tabard is a film teacher and a huge fan of Georges Méliès. When he was young, he met Georges Méliès and describes his meeting the following way: “I grew up wanting to make dreams, too. Y...
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