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The Invention of Hugo Cabret
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
by Brian Selznick
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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 1, Chapter 11 Summary

Stolen Goods

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  • Hugo makes his way back to the apartment and pulls out his buddy, the automaton. He’s fixed it up quite a bit, fixing the different parts and even sewing it a new outfit.
  • In the middle of the man’s back is a heart-shaped hole. And Hugo has just the key to fit into it.
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  • Hugo’s hand holds Isabelle’s necklace. That hug wasn’t all about goodwill and friendship, then!
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  • Hugo looks over at the magic book that Etienne paid for. It taught him a lot of things, but mostly, it taught him a very important magic trick—how to get that necklace off of Isabelle without her even knowing it.
  • Shoplifting, pickpocketing. This kiddo's quite the Artful Dodger.
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