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The Invention of Hugo Cabret
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
by Brian Selznick
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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Part 1, Chapter 7 Summary


  • Text
  • Hugo enters the bookstore and looks around—and sees the girl.
  • Illustration
  • The girl with the bobbed haircut sits in the middle of a rather messy, very cluttered bookstore filled with books (duh) and an assortment of other fancy cultural items like busts of famous people. She’s holding a book to her chest.
  • Text
  • She tells Hugo that Papa Georges still has his notebook. Then she tells the bookstore owner (Monsieur Labisse) that she’s taking a book on photography and will bring it back.
  • Time to go confront the old man. Hugo stomps on over to the toy store and asks him about the notebook, but he just gets shooed away again.
  • He tries again and again, and on the third day, the old man just hands him a broom and tells him to help out.
  • After Hugo sweeps, the old man tells him to go buy a croissant and coffee for him. Then he hands Hugo the toy mouse that was destroyed when he was caught stealing and tells him to fix it.
  • He's really putting this kid to work.
  • Illustration
  • We see Hugo standing at the toy counter with a tool and the little mouse in his hands. We also see the old man, though we can only make out the bottom of his face and his mouth set in a very, very severe straight line. He has a spectacular mustache. Spectacular.
  • Zoom in on a close-up of Hugo with a different tool in his hand, still at work on the mouse.
  • Zoom in again, and we see Hugo working on the mouse’s rear end, fixing something with a very precise tool.
  • Then we see an image of the mouse running around on the counter after Hugo’s set it down. This is one handy kid.
  • Text
  • The mouse is utterly fixed and the old man asks Hugo about the drawings in his notebook.
  • Hugo isn’t a sucker though and he tells the old man to give it back first.
  • But the old man isn’t a sucker either, and he tells Hugo that if he wants his notebook back, then he’ll have to come to the booth every single day and help him fix toys.
  • Hugo doesn’t have any choice but to agree.
  • Well played, old man. Well played, indeed.
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