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Hunches in Bunches
Hunches in Bunches
by Dr. Seuss

Hunches in Bunches Perseverance Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

There I was, inside the house,
so fuddled up I could shout,
when I got a hunch, (6.1-3)

While the inner-arguing may just be beginning, this hunch shows the kid has the nerve to at least get that far. Don't short-change him; that's perseverance.

Quote #2

"If you don't, you are a donter.
You're a canter if you can't.
I would really like to help you.
But you're hopeless. So I shan't." (14.9-12)

The small, inner voice of doubt is represented in the book by a giant, pointing hand. The boy could have easily quit right here, but does he? We still have over half the book to go, so let's hope not.

Quote #3

I followed [that Nowhere Hunch] in circles
till we wore the rug right through. (19.3-4)

Okay, so things didn't go exactly as the boy planned, but following the Nowhere Hunch round and round (like a record baby, right round) sure does reek of perseverance to us.

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