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Hunches in Bunches

Hunches in Bunches


by Dr. Seuss

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Hunches in Bunches Resources


Welcome to Seussville

Most authors get a blog or maybe a website for their online living. But Dr. Seuss? He gets an entire ville in the digital countryside to call his own.

This Dude Abides

A website dedicating itself to all things Seussian in nature. How big a Seuss fan is the dude running this website? He calls himself SeussDude. 'Nuff said.

Art for Everyone!

Here we have the homepage to the Dr. Seuss Art Gallery. Thomas Kinkade, your reign of terror over the art collectable scene is over!

Singin' in the Seuss

A Broadway musical featuring a hodgepodge of classic Seuss characters and landscapes? We'll take this over the classics any day. Maybe.

Was It Lorax or Borax?

A lot of linguistic lunacy takes place within Dr. Seuss's pages, and it can be hard for those of us speaking the Queen's English to keep it all straight. Thankfully, the good people at Dartmouth have compiled the Seuss Dictionary. Merriam-Webster, eat your heart out!

Alphabetical Bunches

This Hunches in Bunches inspired word search will keep your bunching up letters all night long, or at least the better part of an hour.

Movie or TV Productions

Mr. Hunch

In Search of Dr. Seuss features the only Hunch to separate himself from his bookish brethren. His name was Mr. Hunch, and his appearance in this live-action special was a one-time gig.

Articles and Interviews

Favorite Son

Dartmouth commemorates the 100th anniversary of Seuss's birth by reminiscing on his academic pursuits. Somehow, even Seuss's academic shortcomings read like successes. Go figure.

You're the Best Around

Best Children's Books gives Hunches in Bunches a soaring review, calling it one of Seuss's most "useful" books despite its lack of popularity. Want to find out why? You know what to do.

Getting to Know You

Part author study, part biography, this essay by Melissa Kaplan goes into the nitty, gritty details of Dr. Seuss and his works. Warning: set an evening aside for this bad boy.


If you'll learn anything at Dr. Shmeuss, it's that Seuss could get all political when he wanted to. This essay examines The Political Dr. Seuss exhibit at the Connecticut Valley Historical Museum.

Starring the Lovely Simone Simon

Wait, sorry, that's the 1942 horror film Cat People. This "Cat People" is an article over at the New Yorker explaining what Seuss taught generations of readers. Actually, check both of them out as each is very good if for very different reasons.

By Any Other Name

Whenever we search for Dr. Seuss at the Poetry Foundation's website, we only receive a biography and articles on some guy named Theodore Geisel. Wonder why that is?


It's Alive! Alive!

Hunches in Bunches was never given the animated treatment. Sad but true. This video does the next best thing though and animates Seuss's exquisite illustrations from the book itself.

The Game of Life: Seuss Edition

Dr. Seuss lived a fascinating life, and here we find it distilled into nine YouTube videos. Sign of the times we suppose.


Amateur Auteur

A student created this audio presentation of Hunches in Bunches for an 8th grade project. Bravo, sir, bravo.

Hunches v2.0

Here, you can find an updated audio book of Hunches in Bunches for smartphone and tablet users. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.


Heavy Handed

The cover for Hunches in Bunches. Our favorite detail is that one of the Hunch hats has a forget-me-knot tied round its finger. We just thought you'd like to know that.

Westward Hunches

The inside cover for Hunches in Bunches. The Hunches go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah!

Hunches in International Bunches

A page from the Chinese edition of Hunches in Bunches. The Hunches know no national bunching boundary it seems.

Twas a Happy Hunch

The image of the very first Hunch to visit the boy, the Happy Hunch. He beckons the boy to go outside and play. Actually, that sounds like a fine idea… be right back.

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