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Hunches in Bunches
Hunches in Bunches
by Dr. Seuss

Hunches in Bunches Stanzas 1-10 Summary

  • A boy gets the fidgets because he can't make up his mind. And, boy, do we know those fidgets well.
  • The boy finds the mental tug-o-war simply awful. Does he want to play football? Skate? Eat pizza? Bathe? Some TV? All of the above at the same time? So many hunches, and the poor kid can't tell which one is right and which ones are wrong.
  • He sits inside the house trying to sort out his muddled-wuddled thoughts. Then a Happy Hunch runs by the window and suggests he be outside. That wasn't such a bad session of the fidgets, was it?
  • But wait! Before he can hop outside, a Real Tough Hunch rolls by, informing him there's homework to be done.
  • Being a better student than us, the boy goes along with the Homework Hunch. Thankfully, a Better Hunch comes around and says they should head to the arcade for some video games. Yes, please.
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