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Hunches in Bunches

Hunches in Bunches


by Dr. Seuss

Hunches in Bunches Stanzas 11-21 Summary

  • But before dropping those quarters in a Pac-Man machine, another hunch says his bicycle's rusting. Add that to the to-do list.
  • By now the kid's mind's all aflutter. He can't tell if he wants to go to a barber shop or Boise, Idaho. But we have to ask: can't he do both? They have barber shops in Boise, right?
  • A Very Odd Hunch wonders if the boy would like to use the bathroom. Huh, you'd think you wouldn't need a Hunch's help for that one.
  • Another voice pops in, suggesting the boy's mind is "ga-fluppted" and "murky-mooshy" (14.4-5). It says it won't waste its time on a "canter" and a "donter" (14.7-9). So the voice doesnter.
  • Then a Spookish Hunch suggests going "four ways all at once" (15.2). But the boy knows better than to fall for that. He doesn't want to end up in West Gee-Hossa-Flat (17.3).
  • Sure, he's smarter than the Four-Way Hunch, but next thing the boy knows, he's following a Nowhere Hunch in circles and carving a trail the rug—an amateur mistake that.
  • An Up Hunch laughs at the boy for following the Nowhere Hunch. He suggests another direction. Care to guess which one?

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