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Hunches in Bunches

Hunches in Bunches


by Dr. Seuss

Hunches in Bunches Stanzas 22-32 Summary

  • The boy follows the Up Hunch up in hopes of the "high fresh air" will help him make up his mind (22.6).
  • But as soon as he gets up, a Down Hunch tells him he's gone in the complete wrong direction. Down is the way to go. Following the Up Hunch was a big mistake.
  • Things get crazy as the hunches multiply into "big bunches" (24.2) and start throwing "crunchy hunchy punches" in a mental battle royale (24.4).
  • A Super Hunch yells at the boy, telling him he's the only one who can figure these fidgets out. Even the hunches are tired of getting played about.
  • But the boy can't make up his mind on his own. What a silly idea. He'll need two hims, no three hims, no four hims to sort through the hunches.
  • The many boys fight and argue over their hunches. The talk "up and down and through and through" until a solution is finally reached (31.2).
  • The boy decides to follow a Munch Hunch to a six hot dog lunch—seems all that fidgeting really makes you hungry.

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