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A Hunger Artist
A Hunger Artist
by Franz Kafka
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A Hunger Artist Art and Culture Quotes Page 4

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How we cite the quotes:
(Paragraph) We used Stanley Corngold's translation.
Quote #10

[…] given the peculiar nature of this artistry, which does not develop with increasing age […] he would really and for the first time give the world a true reason to be astonished […] (6)

After the artist dumps his manager, he believes that at the circus, he finally has the opportunity to show off what he can do. Why would this be the case, though? Is a circus-going audience really likely to appreciate his "high" art?

Quote #11

No one, not even the starvation artist himself knew how great his achievement really was, and his heart grew heavy. (8)

Sadly, no one, not even the artist, keeps track of how long he's been starving. The artist finally gets what he wants most in the world – to reach the peak of his art form – but can't enjoy it or appreciate it. Why not? Does an artist necessarily need an audience to feel fulfilled?

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