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A Hunger Artist

A Hunger Artist


by Franz Kafka

A Hunger Artist Suffering Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Paragraph) We used Stanley Corngold's translation.

Quote #7

To struggle against this stupidity, against this universe of stupidity, was impossible. (4)

It isn't just the others' indifference, but also their ignorance of his artistry that annoys the artist.

Quote #8

[…] the roaring at feeding time caused him intense suffering and continued suffering. (7)

Despite his acceptance of the fact that he is just a sideshow, the animal feeding is a painful reminder of how irrelevant the hunger artist is these days.

Quote #9

And when once in a while an idle passerby stopped to make a joke about the outdated number and spoke of cheating, this was the stupidest lie that indifference and innate cruelty could devise, for it was not the starvation artist who was cheating, he performed his work honorably, it was the world that cheated him of his reward. (8)

The hunger artist finally gets his dearest wish: to starve for as long as he can, without any restrictions. But no one cares to appreciate his achievement. So much for glory (see Quote 5 above).

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