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by Dan Simmons

Brawne Lamia (The Detective) Timeline & Summary

  • On the treeship Yggdrasil, Brawne meets the other six pilgrims chosen for the Shrike pilgrimage: the Hegemony Consul, Father Lenar Hoyt, Colonel Fedmahn Kassad, the poet Martin Silenus, the scholar Sol Weintraub, and the tree Templar Het Masteen.
  • They decide to tell their stories to learn about each other and their connections to the planet Hyperion, first listening to The Priest's Tale before descending to Keats, Hyperion's capital.
  • At Cicero's, a bar and inn in Keats, Brawne helps the bartender physically expel some rowdy freeloaders.
  • Following the android A. Bettik, the pilgrims board the barge Benares and continue on their journey.
  • They take a variety of different transports across the planet, listening to each others' stories along the way.
  • Brawne and drunk poet Martin Silenus often clash.
  • After they cross the Sea of Grass, they watch as the Ousters shoot down the Yggdrasil, and Het Masteen disappears.
  • Brawne, a detective, tries to find out who may have murdered the Templar, but can't find evidence of foul play... aside from the gallons of blood all over the walls.
  • On the tramcar through the mountains, Brawne shares her story: the Detective's Tale, revealing that she is carrying the consciousness of the poet John Keats in a device implanted in her neck. (We're not making this up.)
  • After a night in Chronos Keep, the six pilgrims approach the Time Tombs, glowing eerily in the night, and prepare to confront the Shrike.