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by Dan Simmons

Hyperion: Where in the WorldWeb is Carmen Sandiego? True or False

1. Carmen stole a hawking mat and is hiding on one of the moveable islands called "motile isles" on this planet, which used to have lots and lots of dolphins: -> Lusus
2. Carmen's beefing up by lifting weights on the homeworld of Brawne Lamia, which has gravity 1.3 times stronger than that of Earth: -> Lusus
3. Our intelligence shows that Carmen has been recruiting thugs from the indentured labor force on this poisonous outback world where the poet Martin Silenus wrote his masterpiece: -> Heaven's Gate
4. Carmen has absconded with the statue of Sad King Billy and is hiding in the deserted Poet's City on this mysterious planet: -> Renaissance Vector
5. Carmen has gone into hiding on a kibbutz through New Jerusalem on this outback desert planet that allows no tourists: -> Hebron