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by Dan Simmons

Identity Quotes in Hyperion

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

By this time, the melanin pill I'd swallowed had worked and I was a young black woman. (5.387)

Brawne's ability to change her skin tone with a pill marks the beginning of the end of the tanning-bed industry. Jersey Shore 2819's slogan changes from Gym Tan Laundry to Pill Pill Laundry, because there will probably be a fitness pill too, but there will always be laundry. (On a more serious note, maybe it also marks the end of racism.)

Quote #8

Having a personality based upon a retrieval template no more makes me Keats than having the name Lamia makes you a monster (5.470)

Johnny reminds us of another famous writer saying "What's in a name?" Sure, life would be simpler if our last names defined us, but there's something to be said for free will. A lot to be said for it, we think.

Quote #9

I remember what the designers thought that [Keats] felt (5.764)

It's easy to forget that Johnny was programmed not by humans, but by the TechnoCore. And the TechnoCore seems to know everything, even what long-dead poets felt years before computers were invented.

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