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by Dan Simmons

Identity Quotes in Hyperion Page 1

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Quote #1

In more than sixteen thousand known human societies, none are listed where there are no individual names at all. (1.369)

The Bikura have no identifying characteristics whatsoever. They might as well be different parts of the same person. The same strange, creepy person. And they will assimilate you. (Or kill you.)

Quote #2

I love being a poet. It's the goddamned words I can't stand. (3.24)

A poet's relationship with words is a rocky one. This is like a painter hating color or a politician hating lies.

Quote #3

From a biosculptor aptly named Graumann Hacket, I obtained the hairy flanks, hooves, and goat legs of a satyr. (3.300)

Martin Silenus isn't content with his love for debauchery simply being symbolized by a satyr. He becomes one. Now that's devotion to a lifestyle.

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