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by Dan Simmons

Literature and Writing Quotes in Hyperion

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

There are more than a hundred billion human beings in the WorldWeb and less than one percent of them bothers to hardfax any printed material, much less read a book (3.133)

With everything going digital, will people lose their desire to read? And does listening to audiobooks count?

Quote #8

The AI loved [your book]. [...] That's when we knew for sure that people were going to hate it (3.176)

Tyrena is pretty much saying that if something is good, the public won't like it. Conversely, if the public loves it, it must be poo. Does that mean that John Carter was actually good?

Quote #9

For those of us who live by the Word, our muses are as real and necessary as the soft clay of language which they help to sculpt. (3.197)

When your muse is the Shrike, at what price inspiration? How many have to die to create to masterpiece?

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