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by Dan Simmons

Hyperion Theme of Mortality

Some people believe that space is the final frontier. In Hyperion, space isn't so much issue. People can cross millions of miles of galaxy in a nanosecond with the aid of farcaster portals. Spaceships can explore new worlds faster than the speed of life. Now, the final frontier is death. Even 700 years from now, people still haven't found a way to beat death, life's last obstacle. They're working on it, though, and the results might not be as you'd expect. Living forever might not be worth it after all.

Questions About Mortality

  1. All the pilgrims are heading toward what they assume to be certain death without any fear. Why are none of the pilgrims afraid of dying?
  2. What do the Bikura lose when they gain immortality?
  3. Is resurrection the same as immortality?
  4. Can someone who isn't entirely human (like Johnny) die?

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