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by Dan Simmons

Hyperion Questions

  1. Why were these seven specific people chosen for the Shrike pilgrimage? Is it something about the religious background? Their connections to the Shrike? Their silly names?
  2. Why is each pilgrim's story told from a different point of view? How would the tales be different if the P.O.V. were changed (for example, if The Poet's Tale were told in third person)?
  3. Whose tale is your favorite, and why?
  4. Does a particular tale seem more important than the others? Or are they all equally important?
  5. Why do people pilgrimage to the Shrike, a creature that almost certainly means death? And why do they use the word pilgrimage, with its religious connotations?
  6. John Keats's poem "Hyperion" was unfinished. Were you satisfied with the ending to Dan Simmons's Hyperion? What do you think will happen in the sequel?
  7. If Hyperion were true, would you want to live long enough to see the world it creates?
  8. Which planet inside (or outside) the WorldWeb would you want to live on?

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