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by Dan Simmons

Hyperion Quotes

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Religion Quotes

You have been chosen to return to Hyperion as a member of the Shrike pilgrimage (Prologue.6)

Time Quotes

I, for example, am sixty-eight standard years old, but because of the time-debts my travels could have incurred, I might have spread these threescore and eight years across well more than a century...

Mortality Quotes

The Consul thought of the Shrike, […] a creature which defied physical laws and which communicated only through death. (Prologue.29)

Sex Quotes

A society that depends upon years of rigid sexual abstinence for population control is consistent with my new theory. (1.417)

War Quotes

"Those are people," said Brawne Lamia, pointing toward the main terminal gates. […] A wave of drab colors crashed like a silent surf against the outer fence and the violet containment field. (2.10)

Literature and Writing Quotes

Who orchestrates this shitpot of a plot, anyway? (1.71)

Identity Quotes

In more than sixteen thousand known human societies, none are listed where there are no individual names at all. (1.369)

Old Age Quotes

Silenus's true age might be anywhere from ninety to a hundred and fifty standard years. If he were close to the latter age, the Consul knew, the odds were that the poet was quite mad. (1.27)

Betrayal Quotes

Intelligence reports suggest that at least one of the seven pilgrims is an agent of the Ousters (Prologue.17)

Life, Consciousness, and Existence Quotes

How long will the Bikura culture last before they're absorbed into modern colonial society or, more likely, are simply wiped out by circumstances? (1.166)

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