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by Dan Simmons

Religion Quotes in Hyperion

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

I joined religions. Hell, I helped create religions. (3.119)

Sure, one of those religions Silenus was involved in is "the Church of Jake's Nada" but you gotta have faith, right? What's the difference between "the Church of Jake's Nada" and more established, well-respected religions?

Quote #5

It is as if one if given a fatline to the gods. No true poet has been able to explain the exhilaration one feels when the mind becomes an instrument [...] expressing the revelations flowing in from somewhere else. (3.197)

Here Martin is equating writing poetry with divine inspiration, like getting a phone call from God. Ring ring. "Hi, Martin. Yeah, it's God. How are you? That's nice. Look, I just had a few thoughts, and wanted you to take a few notes. You have a pen ready?"

Quote #6

God broke His word by destroying the Earth a second time in the way He did. And this Diaspora is... forever. (4.169)

Breaking a promise is never a good thing, but when breaking that promise involves destroying an entire planet, including the Promised Land supposedly belonging to millions of people, we're not sure how that can be forgiven.

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