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by Dan Simmons

Hyperion Theme of Religion

As a great Alaskan philosopher once said, "Who will save your soul?" The seven pilgrims of Hyperion are all trying to answer this question in their own way. Martin Silenus prays to as many different gods as there are flowers. Lenar Hoyt calls religion his friend. Simmons identifies Catholicism with sexless, mindless followers; Islam with violence and warfare; and Judaism with the futility of believing in broken promises. Then after hundreds of pages of tearing religion apart, it takes the non-believer and impregnates her with something that just might be humanity's savior. Did we mention that religion is complicated?

Questions About Religion

  1. How does each character's religion, or lack of one, affect his/her motivation?
  2. What impact would Father Duré's discovery of Christian symbols preceding Christ's teaching by millennia have on the Christian religion?
  3. Does Hyperion show any benefits of religious faith?
  4. How is the Shrike cult a religion?
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