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by Dan Simmons

Sex Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

I learned what "priapic" and "satyriasis" really mean. (3.300)

We did too... after consulting dictionary.com. (Priapic and satyriasis.) But we're thinking that Silenus means "learned" in a different way

Quote #8

He's a machine, I though. Human, but a machine behind that. […] We made love three times that night, each time responding to the slow, sweet imperatives of touch and warmth and closeness. (5.806)

Johnny's not just a machine, he's a love machine. This is a little weird to us. If sex isn't human, then what is?

Quote #9

Everything Johnny Keats ever was or would be exploded into me; almost, almost it was like his orgasm inside me two nights earlier, the surge and throb and sudden warmth and stillness after, with the echo of sensation there. (5.1206)

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