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Time Quotes in Hyperion

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Quote #1

I, for example, am sixty-eight standard years old, but because of the time-debts my travels could have incurred, I might have spread these threescore and eight years across well more than a century of Hegemony history (1.98)

Thanks to time-debts, it's possible to experience much more in a shorter amount of time (and with fewer wrinkles). It's like a Time-Turner, but more epic.

Quote #2

I am somewhat at a loss as to how to date my new journal. (1.178)

We have a hard enough time writing down the right year in January, and that's without having multiple planets and calendars to take into consideration.

Quote #3

Three months before the teslas become dormant. One hundred twenty of the twenty-six-hour local days. An eternity. (1.289)

Time flies when you're having fun. It drags when you're on another planet where the days are two hours longer and you're just sitting around waiting for certain death.

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