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by Dan Simmons

War Quotes in Hyperion Page 3

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Quote #7

The essence of honor lay in the moment of combat between equals. (2.462)

Soon after this, Kassad violates his New Bushido Code by teaming up the Shrike to slaughter the Ousters using the power of time travel. That's hardly equal odds.

Quote #8

Merely a target of opportunity (4.749)

Kassad is describing the Ousters' destruction of the treeship Yggdrasil, in the wrong place at the wrong time. In times of war, innocents are sometimes sacrificed for no good reason.

Quote #9

Both scenarios demand an interstellar war (5.1129)

Brawne is talking about the TechnoCore's plans, and it turns out that even the AIs are plotting war. Well, humans programmed them, so we shouldn't be surprised.

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