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I Am

I Am


by John Clare

I Am Death Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Line)

Quote #4

Even the dearest, that I love the best
Are strange—nay, rather stranger than the rest (11-12)

The speaker's closest pals are "strange." Actually, they are "stranger" than everything else. They aren't the same anymore, and so they're kind of dead, just like everything else in this poem.

Quote #5

I long for scenes, where man has never trod
A place where woman never smiled or wept
There to abide with my Creator, God; (13-14)

The speaker has a death wish. We get that. But notice how he tapdances around the whole issue. He never actually says he wants to die, only that he longs for "scenes, where man has never trod." Death is just another "scene," another act in the drama of life.

Quote #6

There to abide with my Creator, God (15)

Death isn't even death. Wait, what? The speaker uses the word "abide," which means to be with or live with. Death is just another way to live—here, with God. Sweet.

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