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I Am

I Am


by John Clare

I Am Resources


At Least We Know Where He's Buried, Right?

Clare's page at poet's graves also includes a short bio.

"I Am": The Origins

Sheesh, we had no idea the history of "I Am" was this complicated.

Clare's Collected Poems

Well, they're supposedly all here. We're not so sure though.

A Cozy Little Place

Here's the website for the John Clare Cottage, Clare's home for many years.

A Whole Society, Eh?

Here's the website for the John Clare Society.

Clare and Patrick Stewart

Wait wasn't this dude in Star Trek: The Next Generation?


Computerized Clare

Well, maybe this is what it would have looked like if they had video back then.

Dramatic Reading

We think the candle is a nice touch!

Dramatic Reading, Take II

The emo-factor is off the charts here!


Ricks on Clare

The great Christopher Ricks, professor and critic, reads "I Am."

Spall on Clare

Ah, a nice British voice reading the poem. That's as it should be. Rafe Spall is the star of a hilarious British sitcom: Pete vs. Life. Here he is being much more serious.


Hey, There Handsome!

Check out a famous painting of Clare.

What's With That Look on His Face?

Here's a drawing of Clare as an old man.

House or Asylum?

Here's a drawing of High Beech Private Asylum, where Clare was resident from 1837 to 1841, when he escaped.

Northampton Lunatic Asylum

This is where Clare lived for the last twenty three years of his life (now called St. Andrew's Hospital) as it looked in the nineteenth century. Hey we wouldn't mind living here!

Articles & Interviews

Pinsky on Clare

Poet Robert Pinsky briefly discusses Clare and "I Am" on Slate.com

Clare's Spirit Still Abides.

Read an article from the Village Tribune, a magazine produced by and for the modern inhabitants of the villages where Clare lived, that summarizes his life and importance.


Clare's Bio

This is the best contemporary biography of John Clare, by Jonathan Bate.

Clare Fiction

Google books link to Frederick Martin's Life of John Clare, published in 1865. An important work, but it's also full of many false claims.

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