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I Am the Cheese
I Am the Cheese
by Robert Cormier
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I Am the Cheese Isolation Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

He wondered what secrets [his mother] harbored, what dark knowledge she kept hidden within her. Is this what made her sad, what kept her in her room during the day, closeted in the house all the time, seldom venturing into the outside world? (13.4)

Adam thinks his mom might keep herself isolated because of the secrets she had to keep. What else adds to her isolation? Is isolation ever really a choice?

Quote #2

"Sure, kid," he said, "we aim to please." The weird thing is that he didn't look at me at all. I mean, I could have had two heads or been carrying a rifle or anything and he wouldn't have cared. (14.5)

Adam doesn't say anything about being lonely in this encounter with the cop, but the sentiment seems to be there. When you walk into a room and no one acknowledges your presence, it's kind of a downer. As much as Adam has tried to avoid conversations with strangers throughout his trip, he doesn't want to be invisible either.

Quote #3

He was surrounded by nothingness, here in the bed and here in his life. What life – whose life? (15.4)

Is there a difference between "nothing" and "nothingness"? Is Adam also surrounded by nothing?

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