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I Am the Cheese

I Am the Cheese


by Robert Cormier

I Am the Cheese Resources


Robert Cormier, In the Spotlight

Visit Cormier's author page at Random House.

Author Profile

Read what Cormier has to say about good, evil, and much more.

A Biography

Interested in the man behind the book? This bio is full of juicy facts on our author.

Memory Tests

See how your memory holds up to the test.

Witness Protection Program

Read up on the Witness Protection Program (I Am the Cheese calls it the Witness Re-Establishment Program) and how it's changed since the 1970s.

Sigmund Freud

Freud, father of psychoanalysis, has a lot to say about memory (and a lot of other stuff). Please excuse all the silly graphics on this website.

Movie or TV Productions

I Am the Cheese (a.k.a. I am the Cheesy)

This low-budget 1983 adaptation has some interesting casting: the older brother from E.T., Miranda from Sex and the City, and Cormier itself. But that's about all it has going for it.

Historical Documents

Cormier's Obituary

A beloved author never really dies because his works live on. Cormier's New York Times obituary sure makes that clear.

Revealing Interview with Cormier

This interview took place shortly before the author passed away. In it he confronts many of the criticisms of his works.


The Opening Scene of the Movie

Bet you're glad we only linked you to part one. Not quite as thrilling as the book.


Interview with Cormier's Biographer

This woman knows more about Robert Cormier than anyone... including Shmoop, if you can believe that.

RadioLab on Memory and Forgetting

A seriously cool podcast devoted to stories about people, like Adam, with not-quite-right memories.


Leominster, MA (a.k.a. Monument)

Ah, New England. Luckily it wasn't snowing when Adam was biking through.

Robert Cormier

Apparently he knew about hipster glasses long before they were ironic.

VHS Cover

Looks like a WWII documentary (if only it were).

Book Cover #2

Shmoop likes this one the best – what do you think?

Book Cover #3

The only one without a bike, and it gives Adam a distinct face. What is this guy, eight years old? We think some things should be left to the imagination...


Book Cover #1

Maybe this is why they cast the guy from E.T. in the movie.

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