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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter 7 Summary Page 1

  • For some reason, Momma has been married three times but the only husband that Marguerite has met is Mr. Murphy. He arrives one night and Uncle Willie misses church to stop him from robbing the Store. Sounds like Momma didn't have the best taste in men.
  • Everyone says that Momma is a good-looking woman, but Marguerite can only think of her as tall, powerful, and strong. 
  • Marguerite tells us the story of how Momma became the only black lady in Stamps to be called "Mrs." 
  • Here's how it went down: a wanted black man was hiding in Momma's Store, but he was caught. He told the jury he'd been staying at Mrs. Henderson's store, so the judge called for Momma. When she arrived, the white judge and jury had a laugh because they called a black woman "Mrs." Momma is a pretty important lady in town, it seems.
  • Everyone in town thinks this is a great story, but if you think about it, it's pretty stinkin' sad.
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