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Mr. Freeman Timeline and Summary

  • Mr. Freeman begins a relationship with Vivian, and she and her children move in with him.
  • When Maya begins to have nightmares, she sleeps in bed with him and Vivian.
  • One day, Mr. Freeman sexually abuses Maya and threatens to kill Bailey Jr. if she tells anyone. After avoiding her for a long time, he sexually abuses her again. Then he goes right back to avoiding her.
  • While Vivian is gone, Mr. Freeman rapes Maya and threatens to kill both her and Bailey Jr. if she tells anyone. 
  • When Vivian realizes that Maya is sick, he has an argument with her and leaves the house.
  • Mr. Freeman is discovered and arrested. He is sentenced to a year and a day in jail, but is released that night. 
  • Mr. Freeman is found later, apparently having been kicked to death.
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