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I Used To Love H.E.R.

I Used To Love H.E.R.


by Common

Video & Audio

"I Used to Love H.E.R."

Here's the music video for Common's single.

"Westside Slaughterhouse"

Ice Cube, rapping on Mack 10's track, responded to what he perceived as a diss on West Coast gangsta rap in "I Used to Love H.E.R." with this song, which features the line: "Used to love her mad cause we f#@%&^ / Her pussy whipped b!%@# with no common sense."

"The B!%@# in Yoo"

Common responded to Ice Cube's rap with a scathing rebuttal.

"I Used to Love H.E.R." (9th Wonder Remix)

This jazzy remix tosses Common's rap over a different sample, giving it a completely different feel.

"The Changing World"

"I Used to Love H.E.R." samples this George Benson song. Can you find the sampled clip?


Kanye West's hit song pays tribute to Common's song in the first verse, which uses to same metaphor of hip-hop as a woman that Kanye falls in love with.

"I Still Love H.E.R."

Japanese rappers the Teriyaki Boyz and Kanye West play on Common's "I Used to Love H.E.R." in their own song.

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