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I Want to Hold Your Hand

I Want to Hold Your Hand


by The Beatles


The Beatles

The mop-topped Fab Four are seen here in their early days as the biggest band ever.

The Beatles circa 1963

Would it be fair to call them the original boy band? Check out those Cuban heels.

Heading to America

The Beatles stand in front of the plane that took them to America.

With The Beatles

Here's the cover to the album, With The Beatles, which was released around the same time as "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

With Ed

The Beatles hang out with Ed Sullivan at the end of their performance.

More Time With Ed

Paul shows Ed Sullivan his iconic Hofner bass.

The Ed Sullivan Performance

The poorly-reviewed debut of The Beatles in America was nonetheless the start of a revolution in American music.

The Ed Sullivan Performance... in Rock Band!

The momentous occasion is recreated in the Rock Band: The Beatles video game.

The Single

The US single (Capitol released the song in the US) sleeve can be seen here. In 1984 the company airbrushed Paul's cigarette out of the image for its re-release.

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