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I Will Survive

I Will Survive


by Gloria Gaynor


Gloria Gaynor Recent Portrait

She’s aging well and still disco-fabulous, as they say.

Gaynor ca. 1970s

Her short Afro is a real time-period give-away. Afros were all the rage in the 1970s, partially as a result of the Black Power movement.

All good hair must come to an end

Come the 1980s, it seems like everyone decided that because Michael Jackson had a mullet, they should too. We here at Shmoop beg to differ. And no, we don’t know from experience, so you can forget what Mama Shmoop told you.

Gaynor with husband

For a second we thought he was a cop, but it turns out he is Gaynor’s manager. He’s just got his own disco fashions going on.

Disco Ball

Disco: the movement that brought us the mirror ball—and gave it a much more exciting-sounding name.

Disco Dancers

Disco might also have brought us the massive iPod ad campaign of the 2000s.

This is what democracy looks like

Just kidding. This is actually what the inside of a discothèque looks like.

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