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I Will Survive

I Will Survive


by Gloria Gaynor

Video & Audio

Gloria Gaynor: “I Will Survive” (1978) music video

This is the music video that defines the disco era: a woman with big hair singing while a woman in a glittery outfit dances in roller skates. The 70s were just… wow.

Miss Piggy: “I Will Survive” (1982)

Many of the best pop covers we know of are works of the Muppets. Here’s yet another one.

Diana Ross and RuPaul: “I Will Survive”

Seriously, everyone’s doing it. Who’s next, Justin Timberlake?

Cake: “I Will Survive”

This popular 90s version of the song is actually Gaynor’s least favorite, as some of the lines have been altered to include profanity (this version is clean, luckily).

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