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Icarus's Wall


Testing out Dad's new flying machine today. Look for me in the skies of the Underworld!

Carefully! Follow the instructions.

Yeah right... I never bother to read instructions.

Just because you're dead, doesn't mean you should be reckless.

What could happen?

The last time you almost fell all the way to Tartarus.

Dad... c'mon! Do you really have to bring that up on my wall?

I really miss the sun. It's just so... wow... you know? Just wow.

Why thank you, little friend.


I'm the sun, jerk. Not you.

Not anymore.


I would've never melted the wax in Icarus' wings. You should be tried for murder.

It was his own fault. I gave him clear instructions.

Gee, thanks, Dad.

Everybody who thinks Helios was a crappy sun say, "Heeeeyyyyyy!"

Just so you know brother, everyone's getting tired of you and Helios arguing on their walls.

Hey, Icarus, maybe I can zoom down to the Underworld sometime and give you some flying lessons.

You're not funny.

I'm just tryin' to be helpful, man.

I would've been totally fine if my wings weren't held together with wax.

Uh yeah... but they were, dude.

Major props going to Heracles for giving my body a proper burial.

No sweat, little bro.

If it weren't for you, that idiot Charon never would've let me across the river Acheron in his stupid boat.

Rules are rules, whipper snapper!

I can't believe that old dude is even online.

I'm guessing that was you that dive-bombed my garden this afternoon?

Who, me?

I told you to never fly near the palace!

This is becoming intolerable, Daedalus.

Hey, I need to be free. Free as a bird. Birds need room to fly!

You'll have plenty of room to fly in the bottomless black pit of Tartarus.

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