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The Iceman Cometh
The Iceman Cometh
by Eugene O’Neill

Don Parritt Timeline and Summary

  • Parritt begs Larry to help him. This drives Parritt throughout the play. He tries to get Larry to talk with him about his mother whom Larry loved once (and still might love, to be honest).
  • Eventually, Parritt confesses he turned his mother in for money.
  • Leave it to Hickey to get the ball rolling. After he confesses to killing his wife, Parritt confesses that he turned his mother in not for money, but because he hated her. 
  • Finally, Parritt hears what he needs to hear from Larry, namely that he doesn’t deserve to live.
  • Parritt commits suicide by hurling himself off of the fire escape. This goes unseen and unnoticed by all except Larry.
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